Today’s Winners

Today’s Winners:  Lori is spinning the wheel and picking live winners everyday (Monday-Friday)!  You can join her on Facebook live or Youtube live and join in to spin to win live daily.  You can also sign up for various giveaways that don’t require you to be live.  Find the giveaways you want to sign up and sign up as many times as each giveaway allows.  Some giveaways call for more or less entries.

There are new giveaways almost every week – as we focus on giveaways for all seasons of the year!  Example, at Christmas – we will have holiday related giveaways, St. Patrick’s day, Valentine’s Day giveaways, July 4th Giveaway, Thanksgiving giveaways…and much more.  If you can think of it, we usually find a reason or a gift to giveaway for it!  Live or online – you can enter these different giveaways and check back here for winners – also, keep your eyes on your email.

Also, you can feel free to give us suggestions on the giveaways you’d like to see.  you can chat with us via Facebook, Instagram or Youtube.  We listen to all your ideas and have come up with some exciting and new giveaways just from your feedback!  So please keep the ideas coming and then be sure to come back and sign up to try to win these giveaways, especially since many are from our amazing following!  We appreciate you and wish you the best of luck!